Do You Use Phase Lines?

behaviorist in front of computer

We all want the simplest way to evaluate our behavior plan effectiveness. Remembering the precise dates of a client’s life events can be extremely challenging with paper and pencil as well as other systems. Phase lines mark a life event that impacts behavior and this important information must be obvious to an analyst. Technology should support the efficient use of phase line information in behavior analysis.  

Our customers have made it a point to praise the Behavior Agent® phase line feature. Specifically, improved accuracy of behavior plan adjustments through phase lines has enhanced their delivery of service. A variable or event creates a phase line opportunity and correlations can be discovered, not only across time but in real time.

It’s as if the data is talking directly to you, remembering important information for you and aiding your ongoing assessment of behavior plan effectiveness. The Behavior Agent analytics view is clear and the printed graphs are understandable. At the end of the day, we all want our clients to improve on the fastest track and modernizing to a system that has easy-to-use phase line technology will get you there.

If your current system does not provide phase line analysis and one-click graphs for printed reports, consider updating to a technology that does. Schedule a demo today and transform how you analyze your data. 

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