With over 35-years’ experience in the field, the developers of Behavior Agent addressed the pain points related to current systems that fall short of aggregating meaningful data.  Our technological solution streamlines the inefficiencies that occur within a behaviorist’s workload. With Behavior Agent, users can double or triple their caseloads without adding any additional hours. The time savings is substantial. We know, we use it every day.

The whole person approach is key to successful outcomes so B.A.Medical was developed with industry experts to bring the same-level of meaningful data about an individual’s physical health. Behavior Agent was born and is used by professionals who work every day providing treatment to medically and behaviorally challenged people.

We are proud that our professional experiences drove the development and that we have solved the problem.  We chose to be behaviorists because we care about people and their well-being, not to do admin work. Behavior Agent allowed us to return to our purpose; making the difference in the lives of our clients. Easily. Accurately. Efficiently.