Behavior Agent Features that solve problems

Your Pain Point
✓ Behavior Agent’s Solution

1. Behaviorist, Nurse and Teacher spend hours on generating their reports
✓ One-click Report feature

2. Behaviorist has little to no experience working with adults
✓ Program writing feature

3. Team is too busy to know when criterion has been met
✓ Messaging feature

4. Behaviorist and Teacher don’t have time to calculate data each hour in order to implement interventions
✓ Aggregation feature – one-click daily value and percentage views

5. Behaviorist and Teacher have to explain the progress; other stakeholders don’t understand what they are looking at
✓ Graph feature
✓ Table Feature
✓ Real-time Progress feature

6. Behaviorist, Nurse and Teacher are only ones aware of contributing events
✓ Phase line feature

7. Behaviorist and Teacher can’t find data
✓ Enter Activity feature

8. Nurse has to search for data
✓ Vitals and Measurement note

9. Notes from shift are incomplete
✓ Shift note feature

10. Behaviorist and Teacher must flip around for data in order to write report
✓ Progress Note feature to view data while writing note

11. Staff says they didn’t know about task that needed to be completed
✓ Scheduler feature

Behavior Agent performs as the personal assistant for your team:
Organizing, reminding, informing, collecting, aggregating, reporting and collaborating.
Behavior Agent solves problems.

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