The Ripple of Positive Reinforcement

All relationships, personal and professional, require attention and nurturing. As professional clinicians, educators, or business owners, we dedicate many hours to providing positive reinforcement to our clients and students. We know that providing positive reinforcement is important in developing and maintaining healthy relationships. But do we take the time to provide this same powerful method of relationship cultivation to our support staff and team members?

This blog post is dedicated to all of the support staff and team members who most deserve our positive reinforcement. We know without them, our clients and students may be challenged indefinitely. We want our support staff and team members to feel valued and invested in our organization as well as the clients we serve. Positive reinforcement of team members will help them feel appreciated, motivated, and satisfied with their job. 

As behavior professionals, it’s time we committed to a positive reinforcement schedule for our staff. Being present, and acknowledging the contributions of each team member, is one the most powerful methods of supporting our students and clients. Not only will it help your team thrive, but it will help them become more proficient at their jobs, and ultimately, help improve client outcomes.

We often believe a simple “thank you” is enough to provide meaningful positive reinforcement during our interactions. Consider sharing your appreciation often and in new ways with every stakeholder on the support team. It is worth the investment. Positive reinforcement can take many shapes and forms, but all of them create a ripple effect of professional growth for your team members.

Provide specific compliments with details

“Wow, your work today with amazing today. I liked how were able to engage the students by asking colorful questions”

Write a handwritten note

In today’s modern times, a handwritten note will certainly stand out. These notes are often cherished more than we know.

Make it public

Create a company “brag board” and post public announcements about specific team member accomplishments, applied consistently.  

Be creative

Think of your team members and what may be meaningful to each of them specifically.

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