Eloquent Analytics, Stunning Report Content and Connected Teams

Behavior Agent
Cutting edge SaaS technology that collects, analyzes and reports behavior data in real-time.

View powerful analytics, informative phase lines, straightforward charts and detailed tables
Behavior Agent reports progress in real time so treatment modifications can be made with accuracy.

Capture data through a variety of methods and measurements
Easily record frequency, interval, duration, discrete trial, task analysis, naturalistic, antecedent, consequence, location, session notes, e-signature, date, time and more.

B.A.Medical – Whole person health
View e-Mar with up-to-the-minute Passer and Verifier data. Receive real-time data collection alerts to a supervisor’s email notifying of a potential need for BM medication intervention and medication window potentially expiring. One-click Vitals and Measurements, Seizure activity and Controlled medication data. Inventory counts available in real-time.

Access data from any device 24/7
Laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Quick and easy to input data, upload information and view analytics anywhere.

One-click report feature automates progress reports
At the touch of a key, Behavior Agent creates the Behavioral and Health reports you need.
Ready to edit or share, in MS Word, with easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

Tele Member Performance
Assess team members’ performance and monitor collaboration efforts of remote and on-site team members.

Team management
Schedule and assign upcoming events to team members. AI reminders to detail the event. Photo and document upload capability.
Track time of salaried employees and techs with a printable report.
Train staff with our extensive and concise library of videos, includes Agent (staff) level and Admin (Analyst and Admin) level, quiz and certificate.


Save time
Behavior Agent offers effortless analysis and generates presentation-ready reports at the click of a button.

Save money
Elimination of time-consuming paperwork promotes cost savings.
Powerful data analytics and proven client outcomes unlock program funding for broader organizational and societal change.

Efficient communication
Staff are empowered with timely information derived from Behavior Agent.
Clients and students are offered best practice approaches because the team is on the same page.