Behavior Analysts deserve next-gen tech

Throughout my time working as a behaviorist, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of data-exchange tasks that consumed my time. The constant printing, faxing, emailing, phone calls, and text messages left me feeling mentally drained. I longed for a centralized platform where all communication and information could be consolidated, allowing me to complete reports within a reasonable timeframe.

To save face for the team in meetings, my energy became fixated on meeting deadlines for weekly reports. Unfortunately, these reports often lacked accurate and comprehensive data, as staff hurriedly inputted information from their recollections. The data itself, whether in print or electronic form, appeared as an overwhelming sea of numbers, mostly devoid of practical value. I simply couldn’t bear the burden of re-aggregating the output from software I was using. In my desperation, I even resorted to hiring individuals who were charged with plowing through the mound of numbers. The employees I hired experienced the same frustration; which just became another thing for me to manage.  My workflow was becoming clogged, not clearer.

It was a breaking point for me. If something didn’t change, I was prepared to abandon the field that I had dedicated over 30 years of my life to. However, I recognized that leaving would have consequences for the countless clients I would not be treating in the coming years. This realization fueled my determination to develop a solution, leading me to integrate Behavior Agent into my consulting business.

Now, thanks to Behavior Agent, I have been able to serve hundreds of individuals and have done so, more effectively. The impact is tangible: people have been released from jails or hospitals sooner, others have been prevented from entering such facilities, and families have been spared from experiencing harm. This is the level of expertise we need to sustain in our field. If we allow systems and processes that lack the capabilities of Behavior Agent to burn out behavior analysts, we fail to honor their heartfelt commitment to making a difference in the world.

The demand for our services is overwhelming, with waitlists growing longer by the day. It is crucial that organizations embrace tools like Behavior Agent to ensure we can continue to make a meaningful impact without sacrificing our own well-being and passion for the field.

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