Embracing change empowers your team

The idea and act of making a change is presented daily in my work as a behaviorist.  Change is any variation in methods of getting a task done. For my clients and fellow behaviorists, being too attached to one method can cause obvious and/or hidden pain. 

You do not suffer because of the change itself rather, because you do not accept its reality. The denial of change is often what disturbs us in life because it prevents seeing the possibilities. Accepting it, leads to contemplation on whether you have your priorities straight. Am I spending precious time in a way that brings satisfaction to my clients? To me? 

The more efficiently I get my work done, the more I have embraced my professional commitment to help as many people as possible. Using technology is the most significant way my clients and I have embraced change. Behavior-change possibilities exist for more clients and I have more quality time for myself.  Those once-hidden possibilities that come from embracing change are now my reality.

A few of our customers were concerned that switching to Behavior Agent would be challenging for their staff. They found that, because the technology was thoughtfully designed with users in mind, change wasn’t difficult. Click to watch this video featuring a Program Administrator discussing how easy it was for her staff to use Behavior Agent, right from the start.

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