Do I have to download any software?
No. Behavior Agent is modern SaaS based technology. There is no software to download. Simply log into your account using any current device (laptop, pc, tablet, phone). Connectivity to the internet is required.

Subscription possibilities:
Behavior Agent is a monthly subscription service.
We currently offer a powerful Behavior module and a full range Medical module.
Unlimited users may enter or view data and notes for each Active Client at any time, 24/7.

What features are included?
The Behavior Premium package features include mobile data collection, scheduler (all events and appointments), all client notes, extended client profile, behavior domain tracking, skill domain tracking, date/time/signature stamps, document folders, easy analysis tool, one-click report generator, our unique progress feature that calculates data in real time and more. No need for calculators and spreadsheets.

Is training provided?
Yes. Specific and dedicated training hours are provided for Administrators and Analysts/Clinicians/Teachers. Live webinars, video training libraries, and written administrative manuals are also available. Transition coordinators may be available for larger accounts that require additional support during the training period. Our customers report the navigation is simple and intuitive.

Can we “try it before we buy it”?
Yes. Behavior Agent offers a 1-month Pilot Period at no cost. You may evaluate the ease-of-use and view your client care in real time.

Is customer service available?
Yes. Our customer service team is ready to answer your questions 9am-5pm PT Monday through Friday. We love to hear from our customers and anyone who may be interested in utilizing our modern technology to elevate client outcomes.

How much time can I expect to save by using Behavior Agent?
Customers report tasks related to data collection, data analysis and report generation are reduced by 75%. Customers report that the increase in the amount of data available for aggregation, the quality of team collaboration, and client outcomes is immeasurable.

What type of organizations are benefiting from Behavior Agent?
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Providers, Mobile Crisis Teams, Crisis Residential Facilities, Enhanced Behavioral Residential and Day Programs, Classrooms, Community Mental Health, Forensic Residential and Day Programs, Partial Hospitalization Programs, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, Specialized Residential Facilities, Speech/Occupational Therapists, Adult and Adolescent Residential Facilities, and related healthcare agencies that are looking for a more efficient method to deliver quality treatment services.

How is Behavior Agent backed up and secured?
Data security is our top priority! Behavior Agent is in partnership with The Compliancy Group to ensure that all Personal Health Information (PHI) is protected. We perform regular audits and exceed industry standards for uptime. Behavior Agent is hosted using Amazon Web Services (AWS). We use Amazon RDS for relational database storage, encryption, scaling, and redundancy alongside Amazon S3 for backups and binary object storage. Please contact us for further technical information.

How do we get started?
It’s easy!
1. Email us at or book a demo through our website.
2. Review and approve SaaS Agreement.
3. Create user accounts and initiate training.
4. Input client or student Programs and Profile information.
5. Go LIVE.
6. Ongoing support.

How do I create a “User account”?
When Behavior Agent is your organization’s technology solution, you can simply visit our website and click on LOGIN. Register as a new user. The registration process only requires 2-steps.
Step 1- Complete the requested information.
Step 2- In your email (used to create your account), there will be an ACTIVATION link that you click.