Make time for self-care

When you spend most of your time helping others, looking after the needs of clients, it’s easy to put yourself last. Burnout in our profession is a real problem. And you can’t help your clients thrive when you are stressed and spread too thin. We all know the importance of self-care, but how many of us prioritize it? 

Here are some ways to fit self-care into even the busiest schedule:

Schedule meditation breaks 

Build in 15-minute meditation breaks into your calendar. At least one per day. This is an efficient way to re-center. When your meditation pops up on your calendar, put away all your devices, center your focus or close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Just 15-minutes will make a world of difference.

Create boundaries

Work has a way of seeping into our personal lives, keeping us from being able to fully recharge. Decide on your boundaries and enforce them. Perhaps it’s always sitting down to a family dinner with no devices or distractions. Perhaps it’s at least one weekend day without looking at email. Prioritize your time and don’t be afraid to put your phone away.

Spend time in nature

At least once a week, take a walk, do some gardening, go to the beach, walk a mountain trail, get out of your head by immersing yourself in a natural environment.

Make time for your loved ones

Spend at least 30 minutes a day with one of your most important people. Whether it’s your sister, spouse, child, close friend, make the time for a distraction-free conversation. Strong human connection is an antidote for stress. 

Do what you love

Whether it’s creating art, baking, woodworking, writing, reading, give yourself time to go deep into your favorite hobbies. 

Who can commit to doing all these next week? Your brain and your soul will thank you!

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