How Do You Prove Results

Program stakeholders want to know the data behind the plan. The best way to prove your programs are successful is with accurate, thorough, easy-to-understand reports. 

  • It starts with the data. Create a culture of accurate and fast documentation. Make sure everyone who is in contact with a client is able to easily input data while it is still fresh in their mind. And make sure your data collection system is able to report real-time for up-to-the-minute reports. 
  • Make it easy to read and understand. Visual representation of the data in charts and graphs will help trends stand out. Until data is graphed out, it’s easy to miss the story’s big picture. 
  • Customize your reports for the audience. Reports generated in Word are easily edited and customized.

We build Behavior Agent® to do all this, and more. Watch this video to hear about how one of our customers, Jay Kolvoord a Director of Supported Living Services, uses Behavior Agent to help him report results to the right people.

What are your pain-points when creating reports? Tell us in the comments.

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